Attention Scaled Athletes: Learn More About Our Divisions. Find Out if the CanWest Qualifier is Right For You - CanWest Games

Attention Scaled Athletes: Learn More About Our Divisions. Find Out if the CanWest Qualifier is Right For You!

From the beginning, The CanWest Games has been designed to ensure all levels of athletes can participate and join in on the fun. We now have hundreds of athletes registered, representing 76 different Boxes, all ranging from scaled to elite. So how do you know if you should do Scaled or Rx?

arnyOur scaled division is right for you if:

  • You don’t breathe fire, crush WODs on the daily, and look like this guy…
  • You’re looking for increased motivation to benchmark and improve your current level of fitness.
  • You’re wanting to celebrate the spirit of competition with the other members of your Box or Tribe.
  • You’re feeling excited by the thought of competing for the first time and putting yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • You’re wanting a goal or target to shoot for as summer approaches.
  • You’re simply just wanting to get in on the FUN and be a part of something amazing!

So what about the standards? Can I even do this?

Yes you can! The CanWest Qualifiers have been designed to ensure no one is left standing around staring at a chin up bar or heavy barbell. Each WOD in the Qualifiers will have a scaled version and you can roughly expect the following for movement substitutions or standards:

  • Pull ups and Chest to Bar Pull Ups would likely be substituted with Jumping Pull Ups or Jumping Chest to Bar.
  • Toes to Bar would likely be substituted with Knee Raises.
  • Double Unders will likely be substituted with Single Unders.
  • Muscle Ups and Handstand Pushups (or other complex gymnastics) will be substituted or excluded altogether.
  • Olympics lifts will likely be in the “power” variation rather than full squat depth.
  • Weights will be consistent to that of the standards of the scaled workouts during the Opens.

12768389_10154070309582249_7795815258464451637_o*The CanWest Games has the right to change or modify these standards at anytime

Will I advance to the CanWest Games if I do the Qualifier?

More good news: Athletes opting for the scaled version of the leaderboard still have a great chance of receiving an invite to compete at the CanWest Games on July 2nd and 3rd. Invitations are issued based on your ranking on the Scaled leaderboard.

CanWest has reserved a percentage of spots to ensure many scaled athletes advance to the CanWest Games. When registration closes, the event coordinators will finalize all invitational advancement divisions and their respective spots available.

Scaled athletes that receive an invitation will be eligible to form a three person team with whom they choose so long as each member competed in the qualifiers.

Should I still do the Qualifier even if I’m not planning on advancing?

Yes!! Here are 5 reasons everyone should consider doing the Qualifiers:

  1. The qualifiers will motivate you to get in better shape, plain and simple!
  2. The qualifiers create accountability and help keep you on track with your goals.
  3. Participation helps build community spirit and camaraderie.
  4. You’ll inspire others from your efforts and help create an even better atmosphere in your Box.
  5. You’ll have fun and be a part of something amazing!

Sign up today before it’s too late!

Still not sure?

Consider this: if you sign up and decide not to follow through because you’re scared or not into it or whatever, you lose $20 and call it a day. No big deal. You might even win some instant prizes just for being signed up.

But if you don’t sign up and you find yourself on the sidelines wishing that you did, you have no chance of experiencing everything we just described! You may regret it or feel like you let yourself down for not putting yourself out there.

A wise man once said “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”.


Take a chance, sign up today before it’s too late!


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