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The 2016 CrossFit Opens are wrapped up for another year. They might not have been enjoyable while you were doing them. But looking back you can’t help but admit that, in your own weird way, they were kinda fun. You might not have made Regionals, but you realize completing the Opens is a significant accomplishment that not many people can boast?

What’s so great about the Opens?

  1. _MG_2578It brings the community together! There was as much, or perhaps even more, shouting going on in our box when one of our newest Scaled athletes took 30 minutes to finish 16.5 as when our firebreather crushed it in 10 minutes. Facing challenges together makes us all better. When we work together we have more fun, we get stronger and faster, our confidence surges.
  2. It’s excellent to keep us on track with our training goals. The Opens are over. Now what? Maintain the momentum and focus your training energy towards achieving your best in the CanWest Games Online Qualifier.
  3. Benchmark where you’ve come from. The Opens are an amazing benchmark to gauge your health and fitness progress. If you did the Opens in 2014, how much quicker did you get 16.5 done compared to 14.5? It’s gratifying to see progress and results. You are an amazing machine. What else are you capable of?
  4. Be part of something bigger. The Opens represent a movement towards better health and vitality.
  5. You participating in the Opens gives everyone more motivation. Training with others is what it’s all about! No matter what your level, know that you contribute to helping others further their fitness.
  6. Be the best you can be. Be aware of a sense of confidence not found to others. Competition will help you to become your best self. It will push you in ways you never imagined.

The CanWest Games Online Qualifiers are the best way to extend the excitement of the Opens. They are not just a means to determine who will qualify for The CanWest Games in July, they are a means to strengthen your community, face new challenges, focus your training….and continue to get in the best shape of your life.

Register as an individual or better yet form a Tribe in your box.

Best of luck in the Online Qualifiers and we will see you in July!


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