Frequently Asked Registration Questions

Do I have to participate in the CanWest Games Qualifier to compete on-site?

  • Yes. ALL athletes must participate in the CanWest Games Online Qualifier to compete at The CanWest Games.
  • Athletes wanting to compete as an individual in the Elite, and Masters Divisions or on a Elite TribeTeam must participate in the CanWest Games Online Qualifier in order to qualify for a spot in one of those divisions.
  • Athletes wishing to compete in the Invitational Teams of 3 Divisions (Rx, Intermediate, or Scaled) must have all 3 team members complete the Qualifier.

What is a CanWest Games Tribe?

A tribe can consist of an affiliate / gym, two or more affiliates / gyms, fitness brand, or competitive group of friends, or military regiment. Any person is eligible to be Leader and create a Tribe for the CanWest Games.

How and when can I add athletes to my Tribe?

Once the Tribe is established, the Tribe name will immediately become available during the registration process. If the Tribe has not yet been created, athletes can complete their registration as “None” then be added to the Tribe.

Can I add athletes to my Tribe that have already registered?

Yes. Tribe Leaders will have dashboard access to add you to the Tribe. Ask your Tribe Leader to add you. Deadline to be added to a Tribe is May 4th, 2016 16:00PM

If I join a Tribe, can I still be eligible for an Elite Individual qualification?

Yes. Think of the Opens. You belong to an affiliate team, however your results will show up in the respective Individual Leaderboard. If you belong to a Tribe and you have a Top 20 result, you will be invited to compete as an Elite Individual.

OK. So I belong to a tribe and I qualify for the Elite Individuals. Do I have to accept?

No. Your Elite Individual invitation will move down to the next qualified individual. However, your only other option to compete will be on the Elite Tribe Team (2 Men and 2 Women).

Does a tribe have to send it’s top 2 Men and Top 2 Women to compete in the Elite Team division?

No. The Tribe can send whoever they like from their Tribe to represent them.

I registered as Scaled in the Online Qualifier, should I still join a tribe?

Of course! You are entitled to the same discount, random draws throughout the Online Qualifiers. And you’re an important member of your Tribe!

What if my gym doesn’t create a Tribe, can I still do the Qualifier?

Absolutely! When you register select “None” when completing the “Tribe” field. You will still be able to qualify for an Elite Individual place, or be eligible to receive an invitation to enroll or join an Invitational RX or Intermediate Team; or eligible to receive an invitation to enroll a Invitational Scaled Team if you and your friends did the Online Qualifiers as Scaled Athletes.

I can no longer compete. Can I get a refund?

Sorry. There is a no refund policy.

What will the registration fees be if I qualify for The CanWest Games on July 2nd and 3rd?

  • CanWest Games Individual Elite – CDN $150 per athlete
  • CanWest Games Elite Team – CDN $135 per athlete
  • CanWest Games Invitational Team – CDN $150 per athlete


What is the minimum age to compete in the Online Qualifier?

Athletes must be 14 years of age and must have a parent or guardian consent to complete in the Online Qualifiers or at the CanWest Games

How do I know if I should register as Scaled?

The programming for our Scaled Athletes will be right in line with what you experienced during The CrossFit Games Opens Scaled WODs. 

  • Pullups = Jumping Pull-ups
  • Toes2Bar = Janging Knee Raises
  • Double Unders = Single Unders
  • Weights on the lifts will be consistent with Opens Scaled Standards

The CanWest Games Event Questions

Where can I book a hotel?

Coquitlam is a 15 minute drive from Vancouver. There are numerous hotels within quick driving distance of Percy Perry Stadium. We will provide local hotel information closer to the date.

Where can I buy spectator tickets?

Spectators will be able to purchase tickets online or at the door.

Online ticket sales will be announced in the near future.

Do children receive free admission?

Children 12 and younger are free with an adult general admission.

Frequently Asked Registration Questions

What sort of workouts can the Master’s Divisions expect?

Masters in the 35-39 age division can expect the same loads and volume as all the other individuals. Masters in the 40+ age group will enjoy a slightly scaled version of the regular Online Qualifier Workout as well as slightly scaled Workouts at the CrossFit Games.


I'm a kickass Master. Can I still still qualify to be a member on the Elite Tribe Team?



If you qualify as an Elite Master for the either 35-39 or 40+ division you will have to decide if you will compete in that individual division or the Elite Team Division.
If you are a Master 40+ you will be doing a scaled version of the Online Qualifier. Since this is the case, your score will not be considered in calculating the Top 2 Men or Top 2 Women in your cumulative Tribe Score. You can still be eligible to represent your Tribe.

I'm a Master. I didn't qualify for Individual Masters or my Tribe Elite Team. What now?

Based on your ranking on the leaderboard you will receive an invite to enroll or join an Invitational RX or Intermediate Team.

Will you be eligible for a Scaled Team? Since there are many magnificent examples of Masters mopping the floor with younger athletes, we’ll go on an athlete by athlete basis  to determine if you are Scaled material or not. We all know that 40+ doesn’t mean a thing in this sport.

How is a Community Team score calculated?

Community Scores are comprised of the Top 2 Men’s Pro Individual/ Top 2 Women’s Pro Individual scores from the Online Qualifier workouts.

Athletes’ scores from Masters, Scaled, and Teen divisions will not be used towards a Community Team’s score due to potential movement and load variations.

How do I change an incorrect score submission?

Simply resubmit your correct score.  Previous score submissions will be overwritten.

How exactly does the Invitational RX and Intermediate Teams get decided?

  1. First step is for everyone to register for the Online Qualifiers as an Individual – “As Rx” or “Master 35-39” or “Master 40+”
    Everyone participates in the Online Qualifiers from May 4th to the 30th and submits their scores. Our Leaderboard takes shape and gets finalized after May 30th.
  2. We examine the Leaderboard and extend invitations as follows:
    The Top 15-20 Men and women for the Elite Divisions (Including Masters)
    The Top 20 Tribes to send 2 men and 2 women to compete in the Elite Tribe Division.
    The above are filled and we are left with the remainder of the Leaderboard.
  3. We then examine who remains and we will extend invitations to the next top 20 men and women to form a Team of (3) in the Team Invitational RX division with other athletes who completed the Online Qualifiers. They get to choose their teammates.
  4. Once those teams are formed we have who remains on the leaderboard. We examine these rankings once again and extend invitations to the top 20 men and women to form a team of (3) in the Team Invitational Division. Once again they are free to choose anyone who has not already joined a team to enroll with them on the Intermediate Team.

Frequently Asked Online Qualifier Questions

Do I have to submit a video?

We’ll be requesting a random video from the top 20 ranking men and women. If you feel you have a chance to be in the top, get your cameras ready.

What are the Video Submission Guidelines?

For detailed submission guidelines, please refer to the CanWest Games Rulebook. In a nutshell you need to provide the following:

  • Identify yourself with your full name and Tribe (if applicable)
  • Identify the workout you are completing.
  • Verify the correct weights, bar, measurements etc as required by the workout
  • Position the camera to ensure unhindered view of athletes’s full range of movement
  • Ensure a time clock in frame is visible (unless a judge is present, in which case the time clock is optional. )
  • The video must be continuous. No editing is permitted

How do I submit a video?

  1. Create a YouTube ( or Vimeo ( join) account. Use only these two methods of video submission.
  2. Title your video with the workout number, and your name. Enter the workout and your time / reps in the description.
  3. Once you have successfully uploaded your video, follow the instructions for submitting a video link into our scoring system, as well as enter your score into the scoring system.

How do I submit my Online Qualifier result?

You have until the Monday 5:00PM PST to submit your result for that week’s workout. Links to submit your results will go live May 4, 2016

I screwed up. How do I correct an incorrect score submission?

Resubmit your score. The previous result will be overwritten.

How is the Tribe Score calculated?

We take the top 2 men and women scores in the Tribe and add them together.

Because of differing movement standards, the Tribe score will only consist of scores from the “As Rx” athletes.

Can a Masters 35-39 and Masters 40+ score count towards the Tribe score?

Yes. However we have a technical obstacle to overcome. The Tribe score can only calculate scores based on results from the “As Rx” workout level. This means for a Masters result to be eligible the athlete must register twice.

  • As a Master in his/her appropriate division.
  • As an “As RX” athlete.

If you are a Masters athlete and want your results to count towards your Tribe Team Score please follow these steps:

  1. Complete your registration as a Master in the appropriate age division.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email and a code to register a second time as an “AS RX” athlete.
  3. You will need a second email address to complete the “As Rx” registration.
  4. Complete the 2nd registration, apply the provided promo code, and complete registration.
  5. You’re good to go. Go kick some young punk butt.

Still have questions? Send us an email!