The Qualifiers Are Closed - CanWest Games

Thank you very much for competing in The CanWest Games Online Qualifiers. We hope you had as much fun completing the workouts as we did programming them. We’ve got much of the same in store for those who are moving on to The CanWest Games July 2nd & 3rd!

Real quick: Check the Leaderboards to ensure your results are complete. Any technical issues? Contact ASAP to correct. The Leaderboards won’t be finalized until we have completed our verification process.

So what happens now?

By Wednesday afternoon we will have the Leaderboards verified and the final rankings published. Then we start sending out the invitations. We send out the first batch to:

  1. Individual Elite Men & Women
  2. Individual Masters Men & Women 35-39
  3. Individual Masters Men & Women 40+
  4. Individual Masters Men 50+
  5. Elite Tribe Team (Invitations will be sent to the Tribe Leader. The Tribe will select 2 men and 2 women who completed the qualifiers for the Elite Tribe Team)

Those with invitations must register by Saturday June 4th, 5pm PST to secure your spot. If you miss this deadline, your invitation will be sent to the next highest ranked Qualifier or Tribe.

What happens if an Individual athlete gets an invitation to compete as Individual but chooses instead to compete for their Elite Tribe Team?

That athlete’s Individual Invitation will passed to the next highest-ranked Qualifier.

Once the Invitations to the above divisions are filled, we take all the remaining who completed the Qualifiers As Rx and rank them. (The number of invitations sent out to each division is based on a percentage of Qualifier registrations received). Then we send out the second batch of invites. Those with invitations (Team Captains) will then have 48 hours to recruit 2 other athletes (who competed in the Qualifiers and regardless of their rank and athlete category), create a Team Name, then register a Team of 3 in the Team RX Divisions.

Also included in this batch will be invitations to:

  1. The Top 15 Men on the Scaled Leaderboard
  2. The Top 25 Women on the Scaled Leaderboard

Those with invitations (Team Captains) will then have 48 hours to recruit 2 other athletes (who competed in the Qualifiers as Scaled), create a Team Name, then register a Team of 3 in the Team Scaled Divisions.

What happens if 2 athletes receive invitations and want to be on the same team?

No problem. Only 1 invitation will be used between them and the second athlete’s invitation will be extended to the next highest ranked Qualifier on the Leaderboard.

What happens if I didn’t get all the Qualifiers done due to an injury or time constraint?

Not a problem. You are still ranked based on the Workouts you completed and are eligible to be selected by a Team Captain for a Team RX or Team Intermediate Division if you did the Workouts As RX; or Team Scaled if you did the Workouts as Scaled.

This process of ranking will continue until all the invitational spots have been reserved.

What happens if you are a Team Captain, but don’t know enough eligible athletes to fill a Team?

Not a problem.  Teams of 3 can be comprised of any athlete who participated in The Qualifiers. If you are having difficulty finding enough athletes to fill your team, contact and we will team you up with an “orphan”.

The “Orphan” List is a ranked-index of athletes who are not yet on a team. The CanWest Games will act as a liaison between Team Captains needing an athlete and athletes needing a team. Again if you’re looking for a teammate(s) contact asap.

Then you have a month to get ready for The CanWest Games.

The Elite Men & Women Division, and the Elite Tribe Teams will be competing for:

1st Place – $3000

2nd Place – $2000

3rd Place – $1000

 Totalling $18000.00 in cash purses! 

All other divisions will be competing for generous prize packages from our sponsors:


Gorila Fitness





Trace Mineral Water

Foster Narturals

WOD on the Road





And more

The venue for The CanWest Games is Percy Perry Stadium in Coquitlam, BC.

conceptdrawingThis is a top-class facility. We are immensely proud to be hosting the Games here. Among the amenities:

  • Covered grandstand seating for 1400 spectators (yes…we’re expecting to fill the stands!)
  • Plenty of change rooms and washrooms
  • Bringing kids? The stadium is surrounded by a massive playground, splash park, bmx tracks, beach volleyball courts, skate park, a lake stocked with trout, and nearby is the Coquitlam Aquatic Centre
  • Within a short walk is The Coquitlam Centre Mall
  • There will be a vendor village featuring Reebok (who will be unveiling something exciting) plus 10 or more other vendors.
  • Vital Supply Company is our Food Vendor. In addition to buying quality meals in the Vendor Village, athletes will also be able to pre-order meals and pick them up Saturday and/or Sunday.

Gorila Fitness has come through with an amazing line-up of gear to ensure an exciting variety of Workouts. Once again, we’ll be conferring with CrossFit Games athletes to create the same challenging and thoughtful Workouts you experienced with the Qualifiers.

If you don’t get an invitation to The CanWest Games you can still participate.


We need judges. Who better to judge than an athlete? We’ll be providing our judges with:

  • Reebok gear
  • Free lunch
  • Free snacks, water & coffee
  • Civilized work shifts
  • Free admission
  • The best seats in the house
  • And we’ll even buck up for your Crossfit Judges Course if you haven’t taken it. Just email a dated receipt to

If you, or someone(s) you know, are interested in judging please fill out the following registration:

The CanWest Games Judge Registration

Once again, we thank you very much for participating in The CanWest Games Online Qualifiers. We look forward to seeing you July 2nd & 3rd for the biggest Functional Fitness Competition in Western Canada’s History!


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