The Scaled Division - CanWest Games

The CanWest Games and the Online Qualifiers will offer a Scaled Division. Here’s what to expect:

The registration process will ask you for an “Athlete Category”, select “Scaled Men” or “Scaled Women”. The programming for the Online Qualifiers will include programming for a Scaled athlete.

The Online Qualifiers will have it’s own separate Leaderboard for those in the Scaled Division.

During the registration process you will be able to join a Tribe, however your result will not be considered towards ranking your Tribe on the Tribe Leaderboard. You are an important member of your Tribe! The Online Qualifiers are an excellent opportunity to support and be supported by your fellow Tribe members.

What happens after the Online Qualifiers? We examine the Scaled Leaderboard and issue invitations to those that completed the Online Qualifiers, as Scaled, to enroll a team of three(3), of the same gender, and of your choosing, for the CanWest Games on July 2nd & 3rd. Once again, all chosen members of your team must have registered and participated in the Online Qualifiers. There is no Individual Scaled division.

So why bother with the Online Qualifiers for Scaled? Once again, we want to ensure a level playing field. The Online Qualifiers will identify those Scaled athletes that might be better suited for the Intermediate division. We want Scaled athletes competing against other Scaled athletes. What’s more, the Online Qualifiers will be an exciting experience.

Who should consider the Scaled Division? The programming we have in mind for the Online Qualifiers and the CanWest Games will be very similar to what you experienced during the CrossFit Games Opens. A scaled workout that is within the abilities for most to all athletes.

We’ve loaded a pile of Q&A in our FAQ section. We hope this helps answer your questions regarding the Scaled Division of the CanWest Games.


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