What Is A CanWest Tribe?

  • CanWest Tribes are groupings of athletes competing for an Elite Tribe Team Spot.
  • A Tribe can be formed in many ways; a local Box, a fitness brand, or simply a competitive group of friends trying to make the cut for the team.
  • Anyone can become a Tribe leader and invite others to join their tribe.
  • More than one Tribe can exist in a box. For example you may want to try out for the “A” team Tribe or the “B” team Tribe if you think your box can advance two Elite Team Tribes to the CanWest Games. Just remember each Tribe must consist of a minimum of 2 males and 2 females.
  • Each Tribe has the opportunity to qualify one Elite Tribe Team to compete for a CASH purse at the CanWest Games.

Why Start A CanWest Tribe?

  • The CanWest Games Elite Team division will only be available to those athletes that are part of a Tribe!
  • Turn up the excitement in your gym. Bring 5 more weeks of friendly, fun competition back to the box. Run a weekly Friday Night Lights or Saturday Morning Circus where your Tribe will get the chance to strategize, push each other and determine who will represent them at the CanWest Games.
  • Galvanize the strong Community Spirit in your gym! Nothing builds a community more than getting behind their own at a competition.
  • The Purse. Elite Teams will be competing for CASH!**
  • Discounted Online Qualifier Registrations! Start a Tribe and we’ll email you promo codes! (Limited Time Only)
  • Tribe Leaders may get to do the Online Qualifiers for free! Get your Tribe to 8 athletes or more we’ll refund your fee!
  • Be eligible to win equipment for your box!

** Cash Prizes:

  • 1st Place – $3000.00
  • 2nd Place – $2000.00
  • 3rd Place – $1000.00

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Create A Tribe

Band together and start a Tribe amongst friends, at your gym, or combine gyms. The Top 20 Tribes will be invited to compete for a Purse in the Elite Team Division at the CanWest Games

Join A Tribe

Get together with the rest of the Tribe at your box to compete and be eligible to win prizes throughout the Qualifiers.

Go Solo

The Tribal life is not for you. Gun for the top of the leaderboard Lone Wolf.